Philosophy and facts

We love vintage wristwatches. Our mission is to find these pieces of art from the 20th century. We are specialized in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Originality and top condition are the most important criteria for us. In order to offer the highest quality for our customers, we travel around the globe. Our formula of success is the worldwide network of collectors and trusted dealers.

Over 30 years of experience

The collector's market for original vintage watches is very complicated. Our 30 years of experience has shown that only original vintage watches in top condition are a good investment. On the other hand, bad purchases can be very expensive or sometimes cost a fortune. A trusted and reputable seller is a prerequisite for acquiring authentic vintage watches. Based on our experience in the vintage watch market, we have extensive expertise and can guarantee the high quality and authenticity of all our watches.

Over 7000 sold vintage watches

Rare vintage watches combine history, design, valuable investment and are not recoverable. Over the past 30 years we have bought and sold at least 7,000 vintage wristwatches. When buying wristwatches we check them very pedantic and precisely in order to meet the high demands of our customers on the authenticity, the condition and the reliability. Since we believe in the quality of our watches, we are always happy to buy them back from our customers.

Over 1000 happy customers

Our goal is not just to sell a watch, but to develop a long-term relationship with the collector. Over a thousand customers from all over the world have already bought at least one watch from us and appreciate our exclusive range of vintage watches. When it comes to creation of a watch collection we pay attention to the individual wishes of the collector and support him in purchasing his dream watch.

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